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 Rumor: Treyarch Testing Call Of Duty 9, Project Iron Wolf

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PostSubject: Rumor: Treyarch Testing Call Of Duty 9, Project Iron Wolf   Thu Aug 11, 2011 7:16 pm

It seems someone who works at Treyarch is on the Friends list of a gamer, who spotted that assumed employee playing Iron Wolf. There are pics from Xbox Live to support the claim, and you can also see the person playing Team Deathmatch on an unknown map. Personally, that throws up a red flag, just because I’ve often heard that developers don’t embark on multiplayer until a great many assets are in place. But then again, things change fast, and given the nature of the industry today – and especially of Call of Duty – I’m sure multiplayer is the top priority. So maybe that really is a Treyarch employee, and maybe CoD9 really is codenamed “Project Iron Wolf.” We just don’t know if that’s a Black Ops follow-up or something new. Heck, maybe it isn’t even a CoD! An entirely new IP! Wouldn’t that be refreshing? there’s no guarantee the rumor is real, anyway
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Rumor: Treyarch Testing Call Of Duty 9, Project Iron Wolf
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